The Indian captain said, “Representing the country is a big honor for me. Even after ten years of play I still do not realize that I am entitled to something special.

Playing for the country is not to be “proud of anyone,” and perhaps this is the reason why despite spending ten years in international cricket, Indian captain Virat Kohli does not consider himself “entitled to something special.”Kohli broke the record of Sachin Tendulkar by completing 10,000 runs in the lowest innings in one-day internationals. They believe that nothing should be considered as default.

Virat Kohli said to BCCI.TV, “It is a great honor to represent the country, and even after playing for ten years, I do not feel that I am entitled to something special. You still have to work hard for each run at the international level. ‘

He said, ‘Many people want to play from India. When you keep yourself in that condition, then you should have the same hunger in the roles, and you should not consider things as fixed. Do not believe it at any level. ‘

Virat Kohli said that the team needs commitment. He said, “If I had to dive for six times in an over, then even then I will do this for the team. Because it is my duty and for this, I have been selected in the group. This is part of my work. I am not doing any favor on anyone. ‘
Kohli said, ‘I consider myself lucky.

These things do not matter much, but after playing ten years in your career, you have reached this stage, and this is special for me because I want this game very much and want to play as much as possible. This is the most important thing for me. ‘
He said, “Therefore, I am happy that I have been successful in playing for so long and hopefully I will continue to play it further.”

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