Cricket is old game

Cricket is being played from a long time ago. and it has only got popularity among fans, and many countries have produced great cricketers. Those who made their mark on the world and they become legends. People give their examples and cricketers who have true passion worship them. Fans are waiting for India vs New Zealand 3rd test series because it been a while when India and New Zealand played any cricket series. After the New Zealand’ success in the world cup, India has not played Test matches in New Zealand. India and New Zealand have a long history of test cricket.

History of India vs. New Zealand tests matches

India and New Zealand are playing test matches for a long time, and Sachin Tendulkar has always shown up the best test player in the world, and he was the asset of India, but the history f test matches do not show India as a best test cricket team. India vs. New Zealand 3rd test is also predicted in favour of New Zealand. In the past, New Zealand has played 55 test matches with Indian test cricket team. India only won 19 matches against New Zealand, and India got higher numbers in winning. Far greater than NewZealand test cricket team. New Zealand made their mark against India 10 times out of 55 and remained 26 matches were drawn. In India, 32 Test matches were played. India won 14 of them, and two matches went in favour of New Zealand, and 16 were drawn. In New Zealand, India played 23 matches out of which India won only five matches, and New Zealand won 8 of them. Remaining ten matches were drawn.

India Vs New Zealand 3rd Test

Dhoni’s captaincy

Dhoni is obviously one of the best team captains that India has ever got in the history. He is a calm guy with captain skills. He knows how to lead. He had created a team, with the best batting line up. Virat Kohli and Dhoni are the assets of Indian cricket team. Virat is a consistent player and number one bat’s man so far. Hard work pays off Dhoni and Virat are the best examples of the quote. Dhoni has played many winning shots and pulled his tea, out of pressure. He always plays a captain ‘s inning and meanwhile he the world’s best wicketkeeper which is an edge to the Indian fast bowlers. Fans are looking forward to winning India vs New Zealand 3rd test match.

India vs New Zealand 3rd test series Match’s prediction

Looking at the chart of previous matches between India and New Zealand anybody can pick a side. India has a higher number of winning against New Zealand in every field, but New Zealand has also won matches so it can go towards any side. The prediction given according to the history of test matches between India and New Zealand would be that India vs New Zealand 3rd test series will go in favour of India. Matches have always been thrilling between India and New Zealand. so this series will also be full of surprises and thrill.

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