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  1. In 2014, Li play bilateral series between the two boards had agreements
  2. Pakistan board to honor the agreement will take legal action against
  3. PCB’s claim, the Board is not a series of financial losses

Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Board of Governors of the Indian Cricket Board to play against Diwpakshiy Series 2014 agreement between the two boards do not respect the legal action is cleared.has found.

Shahryar said, “We will soon start legal advice in this matter. The fact that the BCCI six Diwpakshiy series between 2015 and 2022, agreements were signed to play.” He said the International Cricket Council (ICC) is the witness of this agreement. We now play a series of India as per agreement at the BCCI and ICC would consult his legal team to keep the issue.

An official source in the board said PCB Shuniwar BCCI and the Indian board will write to ask you to clarify whether or not they want the agreement to respect the letter and they will play a bilateral series or not.

The source said, “Once the PCB will get clear answers from the BCCI to claim its legal team will work on the move and in a London court case would be registered against BCCI which will be party to the ICC.” The source said, “The ICC has witnessed the signing of the memorandum.”

Sethi clarified that despite agreement on a series Kelnne PCB was still patient. But now our patience because we have to answer two home series was scheduled under the agreement which we had to be a significant revenue gains. Since they are not respecting the agreement, so we have lost. The India-Pakistan bilateral series was in 2007 when Pakistan came to India.

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