Game and their origin

First when there were no computers and PSPs, then people were used to playing games outside but now after the invasion of cricket. Programmer thought to create games in a computer that could be enjoyed staying at home. Programmers successfully created games, but they were not in colors. People were not very much interested in black and white games. They needed good graphic and better games like they are doing it in real life. Then 3D came into the market and changed the game world. After all the efforts of game programmers and the technology developers, we are now able to play games in 3d. After that games got a 3d touch and new kind of games was taking over the market. People started to enjoy games at home. When programmers saw that most of the gamers are male and, they like to watch cricket. They started to make Cricket Games. Most famous game of cricket is created by EA sports.

Evolution of Internet gaming

People were used to playing together, but computer games bound them up in a house, and they could not play with each other. For that programmers used the internet to connect the different player to a single game. Now you can play the game in multiplayer mode and enjoy the company of your friends. Internet games are more popular because you do not have to download and install it. You just have to visit gaming website, and you can play online cricket games and spend your free time with friends. You can play a different kind of cricket games available on the websites, and you can also download the games from the website and install it on your computer. With that, you will be able to pay the game when you are offline, or your internet is not working well. Installing and downloading game from the internet are so easy. You need to search the game, download it and install it. But you need to check the game’s requirements before installing it. Your computer must fulfill the requirements of the games. Without that, you would not be able to play games.

Why do boys love cricket games?

Cricket Games

Boys are fonder of cricket, and they love to watch cricket. They want to play cricket all the time they get free. Some people have skills of playing cricket, and some people are good at cricket, and they can play very well in streets. But moms of these days would not allow them to play outside in summers or while it is raining. Moms want their kids to stay at home all the time and do anything at home but should not go outside. It is damaging the health of young boys. They should play outside and give their muscles some move so that it would become weaker. Even after that when a boy does not get to play outside,, they go for other options. Boys found their way out of this situation and started playing cricket games online and also by installing them on their computer. Many game developing companies are only specialized to make cricket games and upgrade them whenever it is needed. Without any problem, they can play online cricket games and enjoy their favorite sports on the computer.

Gaming and health

Gaming and health

Boys and males are naturally attracted to games. Scene study has found out that male’s brain Responses more when he is playing games. That is the reason behind the addiction of games. If your son plays games on computer 4 hours a week, then it’s normal and fine. But if he plays games 4 hours a day and continuously then it is very dangerous for his health. You should stop him from such activity. Games help children to become smarter but too much gaming continuously can make you feel sick, and it can also affect your eyes a lot. It can damage your backbone as well. Because when you sit in the same position for such long time, your backbone will hurt so much. You will feel sicker if this ever happened to you. You need to play fewer games. Play games 2 hours maximum not more than that. If you play continuously, then you can face severe pain and also sickness.

Games and the internet

Playing games on the internet is much easier than installing it on your computer. Indeed you can enjoy different cricket games at once. You can play games from different developers on a single gaming website. You can find a lot more other games that can keep you busy and would not let you get bored. You can play online cricket games with your friends with the internet and enjoy their company while they are away from you. You can play games on your mobile and tablet as well. Your laptop will work fine but playing on mobile and tablets is more fun.

Games and entertainment


Games are a good way of entertainment. They keep you away from doing bad stuff like going out with friends and weird things on roads, smoking and other this kind of stuff. You do such bad things when you get bored and do not have anything to do. Games are the best way to spend your extra time. You can also invite your friends over to play Cricket Games and enjoy their company at home rather than going out and doing weird stuff for the chill. You can relax at home and games will be your first choice when it comes to entertainment. Games are good, but extra of anything is dangerous. So you should play but play in limits. Not such stuck to a computer and spend your whole day on games. You need to go out and take part in good activities.


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