Kohli victory over England team in recent times, the “beloved” said Win.

India won the fourth Test by an innings and 36 runs in the five-match series 3-0 winning lead.


Kohli said after the match: “It is a special feeling. The way that the audience came and supported us helped us deal with difficult moments. This series win is probably the sweetest victory of recent times .

“The 231-run lead anti breaks. We saw his gesture and we knew we have won the match with the edge. ” Kohli said he was nervous before the match, but the real target

Kohli, who scored a double century in the third session, said: “We did not play on Indian wickets during the surge was important therefore need to synchronize. I was nervous before the match. Among some early fall

Kohli said: “All credit to. Vijay batted like a champion and it shows their passion. It may also look for Jackie. ” England captain Alastair Cook on the other side to grab your opportunities

He said: “I think 400 was a good total on this wicket. Keaton (Jennings) played very well, scored 230 for two after 450 we should have scored. According to the data on this field good score 400

Cook said, “but Kohli scored 60 runs around the extravagant we had a chance to get him out. We have to change these things. For three days we have been, but it was not enough to match. Of India

Anderson said, “The Lion of the house ‘instead Virat been lovingly retort

Mumbai. Indian Test captain Virat Kohli is known for his aggressive style and aggressive style. There have been several instances during the matches, when we saw Kohli lost his temper. After winning the last day of the fourth Test match but Virat Kohli got to see a different color.

In fact, while talking to the media after winning the match Kohli, cited Anderson episode and a very systematic manner and Anderson kept his things wisely advised to show.

Let me tell you that the English pacer James Anderson could not stomach India were facing defeat in a row and Kohli took a dig at the ‘home of the lion “was put out.

Anderson said, “Virat is still weak on the off side. He only comes home to play on the pitch. Kohli’s batting technique has many flaws. But the pitches remain hidden due to their flaws.

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