India Vs England live : My job is made easier by the professional attitude of the players, Virat Kohli

India Vs England live

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  1. Spinners team batting lower down the order are good
  2. Spinners have the task
  3. R Ashwin and Vijay great hopes

New Delhi India Vs England live: The MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chepauk India and England teams arrived two days ago because of the storm Varda got a chance to practice them. A day before the Test team by the line of chairs Sepak Tkra (Southeast Asian countries played a great kick volleyball) practice playing. Despite unpreparedness captain Virat Kohli seemed satisfied with his team’s preparation and attitude. Kohli said that the team is now playing football practice as much as it does not increase the risk of getting injured.

Chennai Test series before it is occupied by India. But despite the difficulties of the storm Varda Chennai Test teams have pulled up their sleeves. The increased interest of fans about the fact that many players, including skipper Virat can record in this test.

Mumbai skipper Virat Kohli to win, the team and its fans will remember for a long time, but now the focus of the team for the Chennai Test at Chepauk has come once again. India were leading 3-0 in the series score to 4-0 is putting emphasis. Kohli once again take the field with 5 specialist batsmen strategy is pointed.

Virat says team Spinners good batting lower down the order, our work is made easier. R Ashwin, a criterion which has made the order. R Ashwin, Jadeja and Jayant Yadav well as lower-order batting which are crucial for the team are proven. Option 5 batsmen us
As it becomes easier to get off. “

The visitors of the team’s star bowler James Anderson could not be added to their difficult. While at home, especially with Murali Vijay, R Ashwin and high hopes are being. No. 2 in the Test and ODI and T20 captain Virat Kohli in the No. 1 ranking from the careless and are also looking for a big win.

Virat It also says that people talk about them that they are in the world, selected 4-5 players, who are pursuing world cricket, they feel good, but he also says earnestly, I does not focus on this. It loses focus from the game.

Virat say the team will now try to win the series 4-0. Fans also will remain in the eye of the Chennai Test got another victory in the final Test with Team India captain Virat is in many ways created a record

Cricket lovers and test matches

Most of the people these days like cricket just for fun, but the real lover of cricket knows that real game of cricket is test matches and they love watching test matches. Here India vs England live streaming has given them a chance to enjoy such a splendid series that is now gone for India somehow. The matches were marvelous, but England was not playing as well as they are known for cricket. They have such a great players but India got up and won 3 matches, and one match was drawn out of five matches. England has won none of them, and that’s huge lead at the start but as you can see the result of the 5th match is yet to be decided by the game which is starting tomorrow morning.

Cricket is game of mishaps

You might have seen many mishaps in the history of cricket matches by yourself, and you wonder how the hell did this happen. Yes, it the game of cricket and nothing is predictable in it. Even the best teams in the world sometimes lose from the small teams that do not have really great players. That happens in a lot of matches, and it might happen in next match of India vs England live series, and you just sit like what is going on. That might happen in the next game and who know what wonders are yet to come from these teams.

Past matches of this series

The first match of the series which was played on November 9th was drawn, and the next match was on 17th November and India won it by the great lead of 246 runs. Next match was played on 26th November and India won it by 8 wickets that are also a great win you can say in a test match that is a great win. 4th match was played on December 8th, and it was again won by India by 36runs, and that is how India has got the lead in this series.

Prediction about the last match

Well, cricket is a wonderful game of ups and downs, but this India Vs England live series has shown something else. This series is going one-sided from the start, and you can assume as it going that last match would be for India. But as I told you that cricket is a game of surprises and mishaps so anything can happen in the field. Sometimes one man is enough to the squad the team towards a win and sometimes the whole team cannot chase a simple lead. Prediction goes more for India, but nobody can tell you 100% sure that India is going to win, so you have to see the match to get the results.