Some differences and some similarities:

India and Pakistan are two neighboring countries which happen to be pretty serious rivals. Although India vs Pakistan live match happen to have some common similarities as well, the rivalry makes it almost impossible for one to look past their differences only! Considering the fact that the national language of the two countries happens to be different, Urdu and Hindi, however if paid attention you will realize that these languages are not so different from each other at all. Similarly the traditions of both the countries are same as well. There are many Indians who live in Pakistan and many Pakistanis who live in India as well.

India vs Pakistan live – When all hell breaks loose:

This rivalry reaches its height whenever there happens to be an India vs Pakistan cricket match going on! It is quite well known that there are many cricket fans all across the world, and whenever it is time for a match, all these people, even if they happen to be best-est of friends, part their ways and the rivalry then begins! You can then never manage to get these people to sit together, and if they do then remember all hell is about to break loose!

India vs Pakistan Live

You can cut the tension with a knife!

Whenever there happens to be an India vs Pakistan live cricket match taking place, you are bound to notice the hype and all the tension in the air! It is commonly seen that the shops and stores close down early so that people are able to go to their homes and see the match peacefully and so you are bound to find the streets deserted. However sometimes, some shop and store keepers get screening done outside their shops and stores so that all the bystanders are also able to see the match as well. Meanwhile there are many other places as well where you are bound to come across screenings done. Many a times different clubs, parks and different centers get these screening done so that people are able to sit together and watch the match together.

When an India vs Pakistan live cricket match takes place there happens to be a tensed atmosphere all around. The hype, the anger, the frustration, the will and desire to win, you can feel and taste it all in the atmosphere! You so when the match begins, it usually becomes a do or die situation. There are many people in India who support Pakistan and many people in Pakistan who support the Indian team. And when two people meet it becomes a bowl filled with disaster!

The most exciting day ever!

There is no doubt about the fact that the rivalry between the two countries plays an important part in making these India vs Pakistan live cricket matches even more interesting. These matches actually end up providing the audience with some of the most thrilling situations to witness. And most of the times these situations happen to be do and die situations, a point where you are bound to chew off all of your nails! Both the countries happen to have some of the best players of cricket and these players are basically the pride of their countries. No matter who wins the upcoming cricket match, our cricket team would still be our pride. There is no doubt that the upcoming match is also going to be as crazy as it can ever be, let’s just see who wins!


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