Saturday, November 17, 2018

Most attended primer league

The IPL is one of the most attended and viewed league in the world which is ranked number 6th among all the sports leagues. IPL was the first event that was broadcasted live on the YouTube, and it has the brand value of almost $4.5 billion, and it is adding much to the GDP of India. As you can see by the facts that it is a successful league you can also imagine why it is so successful. What do cricket fans want in cricket? Thrill and suspense and that you can get in IPL Highlights .


Cricket with diverse teams is attractive

The concept was unique and attracted every cricket fan. Fans wanted something new that can charm them and can entertain them. They were getting bored by watching same teams with players from same backgrounds and country. IPL gave cricket a new touch as you have seen the teams in IPL have different players from different countries playing in one team. This brings countries close and players of different countries closer to each other. They get to know each other. Teams are made with different players like one player from West Indies team, on a player from Australian team and so on. You can see diverse teams perfume better. They get the best batsman and best bowlers from different teams and make a strong team.

Cricket attracts Fans, and so does IPL

IPL has many matches, and cricket fans want to watch it from different parts of the world. But as you can see not everybody has the same schedule of life so everybody cannot watch it live. Everybody want to watch it live even in the stadium but not everybody can afford or mange it. So for such fans, there is an option of cricket highlights. You can watch IPL Highlights  whenever you are free, and you can enjoy the whole match in half hour. Does not it sound amazing? Yes it does but watching it live has other charm but if you cannot manage then watching highlights are not a bad option.

What are highlights?

Highlights are the moments of the match that are thrilling and should be watched by any cricket fan. It is a half hour or 1-hour video with all the moments of a cricket match that you would like. You will see all the fours and sixes that hatted in the match, and you can also see wickets and other moments that are thrilling. If you have busy time schedule and cannot watch all the IPL matches live you can watch IPL Highlights whenever you are free and have time to watch it. Even half hour is enough to enjoy highlights of thrilling matches and discuss your favorite match moments with your friends in cricket gossips.