Moeen Ali is at the fifth position in fastest 2000 runs and 100 wickets:

Moeen Ali is now having 100 wickets and 2000 runs in his test career. He reached this milestone in the first test match against South Africa where he dodged South African side with his attacking spin bowling. Moeen is now the 28th player to reach this record as a test player. It took 38 test matches to achieve this milestone. He is also the fifth fastest player to do this in international test matches.

Shakib Al Hasan is the fastest player to achieve this duo in 31 test matches, and Trevor Goddard is at the second position in 36 test matches. Apart from the first and second position, Keith Miller and Tony Greig is at the third and fourth place in 37 games in their bank. The best thing about Moeen Ali’s record is, he achieved this record on the same day.

No other player in the top four position made this album on the same day. Ravi Shastri, the great player from the Indian side, crossed the milestone of 2000 runs and 100 wickets on the successive days. Many other players are also in the list named as, Ian Botham in 42 matches, Andrew Flintoff in 43 matches and Stuart Broad in 67 games. Moeen Ali is an excellent and talented player and producing a lot for England with the bat as well as with the ball.

Joe Root’s 190 in a first test match as a captain was the highest score or not?

Only four players are on the list who scored high score than Joe Root in their first test match as a captain. Their names are Joe Root, Graham Dowling, Clem Hill and Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Joe Root scores 190 odd runs to boost up the score of England when they were in trouble against South Africa in the first test on the historical ground of Oval.

Graham Dowling also played a brilliant inning of 239 runs against India back in 1967-68 on the soil of New Zealand. The way he fought in the innings to increase the score of New Zealand, was simply awesome. He is on the top of the list with 239 runs.

Shivnarine scored 203 runs against South Africa in the year 2004-05 at Georgetown. This was the second highest score as a captain in the very first match of his Test captaincy career. Clem Hill is also on the list of this four player by scoring 191 odd runs in his career. These are the four players who scored more runs than Joe Root as a test captain in the first Test match of their career.

Many other leaders scored high scores in their first test match. Allan Lamb, Archie MacLaren, Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pieterson and Alastair Cook are in the list of those top scoring players. These are some of the remarkable records that you have to know in cricket. All of them were brilliant in their career and produced best results for their country.