Pakistan cricket team is in Australia where he will play his first match of the series of three Tests from tomorrow, Thursday. Looking at the past “Australia’s land” in Pakistan’s record is quite disappointing. Both played 32 matches in Australia of which Pakistan won only 4. Indeed, the series will be very difficult for Pakistan but also very important.

Both teams have always been excellent bowler and capable of changing the map of matches alone who batter are out there. Especially those linked to Pakistan is full of talent. Let us remember these 5 players whose individual performance has a major impact on the match.

Nawaz – 1 runs for 7 wickets

Behind every success in cricket is the influence of a particular performance and sometimes performances are an important milestone in the player’s career. As in the 1979 Melbourne incredible spell of Nawaz against Australia. Who became a symbol of the urge to swing bowling but made great victory for Pakistan.

Needed 382 runs to win the match and the hosts had reached 305 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. I think that match is out of the hands of Pakistan. Now it turned the tide in the game memorable spell honored that the unfortunate Australia.

Bowling balls above taking small run-up to the Australian batsmen reeling. The highlight of this spell was lifted only in exchange for a pro runs the last seven wickets for Australia. He runs out 9 players in Pakistan by 86 runs and the victory stand.

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Wasim Akram – 11 victims in Melbourne

The test was played in Melbourne, Australia, 1990 Australia won by 92 runs but the highlight of the match Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram’s memorable performance.

Everyone knows about the wicket of Australia said that it is not particularly helpful for fast bowlers Wasim Akram had the ability but who have been unnerved the Australian batsmen. In the first innings of Australia surprised Wasim 5 6 while hunting. It was the first Wasim Akram match was played in Australia.

Imran Khan – the first victory in Australia

In 1977, Pakistan-Australia contest was played in Sydney, which Pakistan had already played 6 Test against Australia in Australia, all were defeated 4 and reach any conclusion. That Pakistan had not been defeated in the land of Australia. Then came the moment online. Led by the brilliant young paceman Imran Khan bowled the other side of Ahmed, both played a central role in the victory of Pakistan. Imran Khan threw out players in the match by 6,6 part in this memorable victory.

Ijaz Ahmed – who runs ax Australia

The batsmen at the crease to play the gym is like a wood which lost consecutive strikes, are ultimately intended. That was a Pakistan batsman Ijaz Ahmed of arms. They were strange mood than other Asians. Slow wicket, he had to work quite hard to stop them but was quick wickets.

Which was played in 1995 in Pakistan-Australia Test in Sydney Guest bat first. After the players returned to the pavilion also return periodically but only batsman Ijaz Ahmed Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne, who stood against the bowlers. Innings 137 runs in 332 balls Ijaz Ahmed Pakistan’s success paved the way. This was the last competition which Pakistan won the Australian mainland, still have to be 22 years, success has not come back.

Wasim Akram – Australia’s allrounder

Led by Imran Khan at the end of the 80s had become the greatest power in the world after the West Indies and Pakistan. Each competitor had the ability to defeat Pakistan in every field. The leadership of Allan Border was based on the strong foundations of Australia. The collision of these two forces of Adelaide, in 1990, which reached its logical end, but the match was the highlight of astonishing batting and bowling cricket match, which Australia won the snatch competition jaw. Akram scored 52 runs in their first innings total to reach 257 runs. He said Australia made 341 runs against Pakistan was out of hand. But Akram said an innings and 123 runs in the second innings to avoid defeat to ensure Pakistan. Wasim get a wicket in the first innings and five in the second, and so was his name immortal.

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