Results of the previous matches

Pakistan and England have played test series, and now they are playing ODI series in which they have to play 5 matches. 1st ODI match is done, and results are in favour of England. And Pakistan Vs England 2nd ODI Highlights are yet to come so stay tuned. Here are some highlights of 1st ODI. Pakistan won the toss and selected to bat first. Pakistan was unable to make a high score for England to chase. Pakstan only reached to 260 on losing 6 wickets. The score was not enough everybody knew that. Pakistani captain was worried about bowling that England has good batsman they will win easily, but somewhere he had believed on Mouhammad Amir and other fast bowlers that they might make a chance to win this match. Imad Waseem showed great bowling talent against Ireland where he took 5 wickets. Pakistani team was relying on these two bowlers mainly but what could they do on 260 scores. How much they could have saved. But the day was in favour of England and rain started when England was on194/3 in 34.3 overs. It could clearly be seen that England was brushing it out. But due to rain, the match stop and when the rain got worse. The decision of match was made through (D/L method), and England was announced to be the winner of the first England vs. Pakistan ODI match. England won by 44 runs.

Pakistan Vs England 2nd ODI Highlights

Pakistan Vs England 2nd ODI Highlights

The 2nd ODI match is yet to be played. Today is the big day when Pakistan and England’s cricket teams will be on the ground again for another thrilling match. Pakistani people are crazy about cricket, and they do their work fastly and even leave they’re to watch cricket matches. They expect a lot from their team. Pakistan Vs England 2nd ODI Highlights will be uploaded on the website just after the match will end. Live streaming will be on, and company will be on the air. To catch the live Cricket Streaming of Pakistan Vs England 2nd, ODI stays tuned on time.  Pakistani think of cricket as a matter of life death. They do not know defeat; they want to win against every team in the world. Their expectation from their cricket team is very high. In the previous match, cricket team disappointed the nation the but nation is still with them. England has performed very well in the first ODI match, and England sporters are also wishing that England must win the 2nd ODI and also win the series. Pakistanis are praying for the win of their team.

Predictions for 2nd ODI

Pakistani fans are supporting Pakistan, and England fans are supporting their team. Both teams are tough, and it’s difficult to say that which one will win the 2nd ODI but watching the previous match your mind will say that England is going to win this one also. Pakistan’s cricket team has the talent to win the match from any condition then can come back. England has more votes in the prediction then Pakistan, but cricket is a game of wonders and thrills which means anything can happen here.

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