Cricket history of both teams

You might not believe that Pakistan has more winnings than England. In people’s perspective, Pakistan is not a competitive team than England. But the history Pakistan and England share tell us that Pakistan has won more matches than England against each other. Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Stream On Willow Tv

Effect of home ground

There is no doubt that Pakistan is a good team, but the thing Pakistan lacks in is that they cannot invite teams from outside to play in Pakistan. The matches England’s team played in Pakistan were 21, and Pakistan have won 17 of them, and England won 04. In England, Pakistan won fewer matches than England cricket team. Cricket is a game of effort and a little bit of luck. We don’t know what would happen in Pakistan vs New Zealand live stream.

Pakistan vs New Zealand live stream


You can watch cricket matches at home with your family at TV. But if you are at the office or stuck in a traffic jam you would need other sources to watch cricket matches. If you are a true cricket lover, you would not be able to breathe without watching every ball. So you need the internet and live to stream. You can enjoy everything on Pakistan vs. New Zealand live stream on our website.

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Predictions about this upcoming series

I am not any side, but I think Pakistan is going to win this series, after winning from West Indies by a great margin. Pakistani players have great confidence so they might defeat England in this series. But as always, anything can happen in cricket so we cannot predict the 100% sure result, but you can see the result on Pakistan vs New Zealand live stream on our website In Criculive.