Cricket is above other works of life

Cricket is not just a game for everyone. Some people are so obsessed with cricket that they think cricket is above everything in their life. Especially in Pakistan and India people are mad about cricket. They support their teams in every possible way. Many people finish their work early or leave their work pending just to watch PSL live because it is not just a game for them. They sacrifice their jobs to watch matches because watching the live match is better than highlights. That feeling of uncertainty of every ball that is slightly increased blood pressure and that shout you make on six or fours is worth leaving everything. PSL is not that kind of match series that you will enjoy alone you have to share your happiness with other living family or friends.

People like to watch PSL with their family

Pakistan has collectivism cultural traits, and people live in families. Moreover, they mostly enjoy such events with the family of friends, and they plan it for days. There are big gatherings on Finals and semifinals in the streets and stadiums. People spend money on big screens and do all the setting before the match to watch PSL live with friends. Girls and boys show up before the match begins. Shouting and slogans are common during the match, and people do not sleep mostly if the match is in the night. Well from personal experience watching the match with crowds is 100 times more exciting than watching it alone. That is the reason why people make so much effort to gather a crowd of friends and family to watch cricket. Having fun is all the reason behind these struggles that young people make to gather everyone in one place.

Why Pakistani people are so obsessed with cricket

With a little observation, you can see that people of Pakistan and India and very obsessed with cricket. They watch cricket in any way possible. On tv, on the internet with live streaming even when they are so busy in life they choose to get the update by live scores. That obsession has made this PSL possible and successful in every manner. It is a good thing for PSL that Pakistani people have a craze about cricket. As you know names of PSL teams are based on different regions of Pakistan and people, support the team of their region. It is some internal or civil war that begins with PSL. There are debates and discussions about PSL in every corner of the street and every meeting that takes place.

First Edition featuring Six PSL teams

More is always better, same goes for PSL league. There is the addition of a new team in PSL that has got under nerves of cricket fans. In previous editions, there were only five teams, but now the new twist for cricket fans is that this PSL is going to feature six teams. By adding a new team fan would be able to enjoy more cricket matches and event will be longer. Plus there will be more robust time and more companions. It will be hard to guess which team is going to win.

There are also some major changes in teams some players have changed their outfits. In the season opener Peshawar Zalami will take on to Multan sultans, and after that next match is between Multan sultan and Quetta a gladiator. These starters will tell us the story of future how Multan sultan I going to perform in this great event and what will be their position in upcoming matches. There are millions of fans of Shahid Afridi, and he has changed his team, so the team with Shahid Afridi always has big support. In last PSL we saw that Peshawar zalmi had big support in every PSL because of Afridi. Now the support will shift from Peshawar to Islamabad united. That is a major change in PSL, but we cannot predict anything right now.

Life is busy, but PSL live streaming is a thing

There is no doubt in this thing that life has changed so much with the change in the technology and lifestyle of Pakistan. People are too busy in their life that they do not have time to do the basic works. Everybody is running for his career and trying to earn more. They mostly do not have time to watch live PSL because of a busy schedule. Moreover, for that reason, they have found another way to deal with this problem.

Live streaming can be used to overcome the problem of buy life. You can watch live matches with live streaming and enjoy the fun everywhere. Also you can access PSL live streaming on a mobile phone, Laptop or Tablet. You can do your work and also enjoy the matches at the same time. Isn’t it a great thing that you do not have to sacrifices anything at all and you will be in a win-win situation?

Many Applications are available

Google App Store is full of apps that provide live streaming of cricket matches. Many cricket channels have launched their mobile application to provide live streaming. I guess that is a simpler way of accessing live streaming of PSL matches. You can watch live matches and also get live scores notification if you want. That is the best thing about these applications. If you have missed any match, then you can switch to highlights because that is the only way of covering the loss. Highlights only cover the balls on which player hit six, four or got out. That saves time, but the thrill that is in watching PSL live will be lost totally because most probably you will know who won the match.