Twenty20 world cup 2016 will be held in India. This tournament will be start on 8th March and ended on 03 April 2016. Grand final will be played on 3rd April at Kolkata. All over the world 16 teams are taking part in this tournament. This event has been divided into two groups. First/Group round will be consisted in these teams (Bangladesh, Netherlands, Oman, and Ireland). As well as second/group round will be included these teams (Scotland, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe). Second /super group 10 One (Sri Lanka, South Africa, England, West Indies) and super 10 group Tow (Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand ). These super teams whole over the world try to compete each other. Matches will be very interested and tough in this tournament. Many teams have been already got the title of T20 championship. Sri Lanka is current champion of T20 world cup. Sri Lanka won this title in 2014 now every team will have great desire to take this T20 world cup 2016 for its own name. Millions fans of cricket are waiting for this great event. Because cricket is the second most famous game consider in the world. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, West Indies, have one title of T20 champion already.

t20 world cup 2016T20 World Cup 2016 Awesome Predictions:

West indies, Sri Lanka, India, and New Zealand are the top order cricket teams currently. If we predict performance wise than India and Sri Lanka are the favor able in this tournament because their player have good form. But Pakistan can also big upset of this tournament.

A Big Fight Will Be Held on 19 March 2016 at Mumbai:

India vs Pakistan cricket match will be played 19 march at Dharamshala. It is most interested match for all cricket fans. If we see the history of India and Pakistan than over all Pakistan upper than India Pakistan have been won 12 test matches and 72 one day international cricket matches but India have been won 9 test matches and 51 ODIs (one day international). But in the case of T20 format India forward than Pakistan and India won the 4 T20 international and Pakistan have won only two T20 international. India Pakistan cricket is one of the most intense sport rivalries in the world. In India Pakistan cricket match more than one billion viewers attract. According to various TV ratings firms and their different reports the world cup semifinal between India Pakistan in 2011 attract 988 million television viewers. The most interested match will be India and Pakistan in the T20 world cup 2016. India Pakistan cricket also develop the cricket diplomacy and as well as improve the relation between two countries. Pakistan and India after long interval of time face to each other. Both teams are facing after the world cup in Australia 2011. In the last T20 match India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets. More than one over to spare Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma would go hard for the Pakistani bowlers Mohammad Imran, Junaid khan and Zulfikar Babaur.

In T20 world cup 2016 India can got more advantages in this event because India will be played in our home ground. Most crowd will sported to India team but meanwhile India team will take pressure also from the crowd that factor also build pressure on the India team.

t20 word cup 2016

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